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Welcome to Froggett Racing......Hello my name is Adam Froggett, I  am 23 years of age, and reside in Hiseville Ky. I have always had a thrill for racing, I started out participating in ATV sports at an early age, then later on I began racing go-karts at the age of 14. I always wanted to race stock cars because my dad raced at Barren County Speedway when he was my age.

In 2004 I purchased my first stock car which was a CHEVETTE from a guy named Dick Winchester, I ran it that year and done pretty decent for a first time out there. I finished alot of top 5's and won prettiest car, finished 6th in points and received Best Sportsmanship for my first year in 2004.



In 2005 I had a new design for all of the fans. My dad and I worked really hard putting a brand new aluminum body on my chevette. This time I had a more improving year of 1 feature, 4 heat wins and finishing 4th in points.

For 2006 I purchased a head with a 300 Lazer Racing Cam and Solid Adjustable Lifters from a good friend Joey Blair. This helped the power of the 1.6 Chevette engine, finishing 3rd in points, grabbing 6 heats and 5 feature wins.





The Froggett Racing Team is going to have a new look for the  race fans, and hopefully will be pretty competive in the 2007 racing season!